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Shoesliers or pronounce as ‘Shoe-li-ae’ has been there for more than 5 decades. This name has derived from French and English words. The founder of this company expand the business from selling leather in Sua-pa are since the area has acquired the reputation from the customers for its prolonged period of customer satisfaction.

New technology and continuous development, the company has expanded its branch to Wongwianyai in which we provide 100 types of leather, carpark as well as advices for marketing purposes for those who want to start up their own business with us.

We make sure the customers will receive all the benefits not only in friendship matter, but new friends, new business with their OWN BRAND with LIMITED EDITION at the same time. Our materials are imported and we can guarantee that you will not find it anywhere else in order to meet our customers’ desires.

Henceforth, trust us and your work will be done easily as ever no matter where you are residing.

“At the end, Cinderella proof that a new pair of shoes can change your life.”


We provide factory shoes made-to-order from the best shoemaker with over 50 years of experience.

We provide made-to-order fashion shoes.

We provide shoes design, block shoes as well as launching of your new branded shoes.

We provide made-to-order leather shoes and bags in both retail and wholesale prices.

We provide made-to-order graduation clutch shoes.

We provide made-to-order uniform shoes. (cover all types of professions)

We provide made-to-order fancy wedding and party shoes. (You can use your dress clothes to make shoes synchronize with the dress.)

We provide made-to-order cabaret shoes.

We provide made-to-order big size shoes for those who are having trouble finding their favourite pairs of shoes.

We provide made-to-order custom designs shows in which we will be charging for the designer fees.

We provide the amendment services of the shoes if the customers want to change the height, type of leathers, colours and designs.

We provide made-to-order wooden shoes.

We provide made-to-order shoes from special foam which is light and comfortable to wear.

รับผลิตรองเท้า รองเท้าสั่งตัด


Faceboo shoesliers
Faceboo shoesliers


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